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SSL X-Rack - modular rack spares


Modular rack system with Total Recall™

SSL Mynx spares


2 Slot mini X-Rack without Total Recall™

SSL X-Desk console spares


Compact SSL mixing desk with the big sound

SSL X-Panda spares


Expansion for X-Desk or standalone summing mixer

SSL X-Patch spares


Create complex recallable processings chains

SSL G Series Compressor spares

G Series Compressor

Classic SSL G Series centre section compressor

SSL Alpha Channel spares

Alpha Channel

Entry level SSL Channel Strip

SSL VHD Pre spares

Alpha VHD Pre

4 Ultra-clean preamps with Variable Harmonic Drive

SSL SuperAnalogue Channel spares

Super Analogue Channel

Channel Strip from XL 9000 K Console

SSL E Signature Channel spares

E Signature Channel

Channel Strip based on SL 4000 E Console

SSL SuperAnalogue MicPre Spares

SuperAnalogue MicAmp

4 XL 9000 K preamps with remote control option

SSL Multi-Channel Compressor spares

Multi Channel Comp

5.1 Compressor or dual G Series compressor

SSL Logic FX G383 spares

Logic FX G383

Dual Mic Amp and Equaliser

SSL Logic FX G384 spares

Logic FX G384

Stereo Bus Compressor from the SL 4000 G

500 Format Modules

Classic SSL processing for 500 format racks


Remote Controlled Analogue Mix Engine

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