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About Unomusic Studio

Unomusic is a modern company with a long trayectory and experience in music production, recording and mixing. Quality and comfortable facilities at the service of your music.

Unomusic Studio

Control Room

This is our control room, which is designed and constructed by RPG inc Spain (Audio Síntesis)

Equipment List

Console/Control Surface

SSL AWS 900 SE+ updated

Main Monitors

2 x GENELEC 1037B

Mini Monitors



Digital Audio Workstations

Avid ProTools HD2

A/D D/A Converters

3x Digidesign 192 I/O

Mic Pre's

Neve 1073 DPX

24 ssl super analogue mic pre's

Focusrite ISA 215 Dual channel p


1 x Neumann M149

2 x Neumann TLM 103

CAD VX2 Tube mic

Hardware Dynamics Processors

1176 LN Peak Limiter

AMS Neve 33609

Avalon 2044 stereo Compressor

Hardware EQ

24 SSL EQ E&G Series

4 x Audix 3-Band EQ

Maag EQ4 Mastering

Hardware Effects

Lexicon 480 L

Eventide Orville Harmonizer

Studio Credits

Artist / Client: CAFÉ QUIJANO <::> Title / Project: ORÍGENES 3 & 4 (15th and 16th LATIN GRAMMY NOMINEE) <::> Year: 2013 & 2015

Artist / Client: EL BARRIO <::> Title / Project: ESPEJOS <::> Year: 2011

Artist / Client: MANUEL CARRASCO <::> Title / Project: INERCIA <::> Year: 2009



Audio Engineering

Music Production

Broadcast Audio Production

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