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SSL Guitarstrip


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SSL Guitarstrip is your new go-to processor for electric, acoustic and bass guitars. Providing 4 carefully tailored guitar processing modules, Guitarstrip is packed with useful tools for crafting the perfect guitar tone at both the pre-mix and mixing stages.

Featuring two classic analogue drive emulations – guitar amp and bass amp – Guitarstrip's DRIVE module allows you to easily add overdrive and grit to your guitar and bass DIs, tame harshness, or electrify your acoustic guitar recordings. Use the BOOST, PUNCH, EDGE and SHAPE controls to sculpt the added harmonics, and the DRIVE MIX control to dial in anything from trashy distortion to subtle saturation.

Guitarstrip also provides a dedicated COMPRESSOR section with 5 preset response characteristics to quickly tame levels or add punch to your guitar tracks. Use the intuitive PHASE CORRECTION module to identify phase issues between multiple recordings and correct them using the DELAY, PHASE INVERT and ALLPASS filter. By setting the ALIGN TO mode. You can even repurpose the phase correction module delay as a quick-and-easy way to add stereo depth to a mono signal.

Key Features

  • Apple M1 Native Support: Guitarstrip is a universal binary, and features M1 Native support.
  • 4 carefully tailored guitar processing modules - packed with useful tools for crafting the perfect guitar tone
  • Add drive and grit to DI signals, and electrify your acoustic recordings - two classic analogue tube amp drive emulations, including harmonic tone-shaping controls
  • Tame levels and add punch with the compressor module - easily dial in one of the 5 preset compressor responses to tame levels and add punch
  • Intuitive phase correction - fix phase issues between your guitar amp recording and pedalboard DI using the delay and allpass filter
  • Easy-to-use 3-band channel EQ and filter - including an asymmetrical low gain control and automatic band auditioning 

SSL Guitarstrip User Guide



SSL plug-ins can be authorised by machine-based iLok licensing or iLok 2 / iLok 3 USB dongles. 

SSL Guitarstrip Plug-in (Mac)


SSL Guitarstrip Plug-in (Windows)


System Requirements



macOS Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (11), Monterey (12)

M1/ARM or Intel Dual Core Mac running at 2.4GHz or higher 

4GB of RAM minimum, 8GB preferable

AU, VST2, VST3, AAX Native



Windows 10 (64-bit), 11 (64-bit)

Intel Core 2 (or comparable) CPU running at 2.4GHz or higher

4GB of RAM minimum, 8GB preferable

VST 2 (64-bit), VST3 (64-bit), AAX Native (64-bit)