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Industry Standard De-Essing for Dialog and Vocals

The AVA De-Esser is the latest implementation of Harrison’s renowned De-Esser algorithm. Now in its fourth generation, it is used by audio engineers and producers worldwide. The proprietary DSP lets you easily and transparently remove unwanted sibilance and high-frequency energy from problematic dialog and vocals. It reduces only problem frequencies without affecting vocal intellgenblity, helping to ensure a great sounding mix. Due to its ultra-low latency operation, the De Esser can be used for live streaming or podcasting.

Intelligent algorithm

Experience the power of the AVA De-Esser, a cutting-edge algorithm that has been refined by the feedback of top professionals in music, film, and broadcast industries. The De-Esser can detect and eliminate harsh sibilance with ease, giving your mix a smooth and balanced sound. Whether you are working on vocals, dialogue, or instruments, the De-Esser will help you achieve sonic excellence.

Auto-Solo and Band solo

Ewo smart and handy features that help you find the sibilant frequency range with ease. With Auto-Solo, you can sweep the frequency knob until you hear the sibilance stand out, and then adjust the threshold and amount of de-essing to smooth out the harshness. With Band solo, you can isolate and listen to each frequency band separately, and fine-tune the de-essing settings for each band. Auto-Solo and Band solo will help you make your mix sound a lot better by eliminating unwanted sibilance quickly and effectively.

12 dB reduction

The AVA De-Esser is designed for heavy use. It can handle up to 12dB of reduction to tame the most stubborn sibilance. Whether you are dealing with vocals, voice-overs, instruments, or any other audio source, the De-Esser can smooth out the harshness and make your mix sound a lot better.

Adjustable threshold & depth

With the adjustable threshold and depth, you can fine-tune the onset and strength of the de-esser effect. The input meter shows you the level of the incoming signal, while the threshold slider lets you lower or raise the sensitivity of the de-esser. The ess meter shows you the level of the signal inside the ess band. When you have set the frequency band correctly for your audio source, this meter will peak when sibilant sounds are present.

Main Graph: Fast and easy-to-use with 6 control dimensions

The AVA DS has a fast and easy-to-use interface that gives you access to 6 control dimensions in the main graph. You can adjust the threshold, frequency, bandwidth, attack, release, and gain of each band with a simple click and drag. You can also solo and mute each band to hear the effect of your settings. The ava DS lets you shape the sound of your audio in each frequency band with precision and ease.

Ultra low latency processing

Ultra-low latency processing is a must-have for any pro or aspiring audio engineer who wants to record, edit, or play back audio in a live setting. Feel the difference of real-time audio processing, with no annoying delays or lags that can spoil your performance, creativity, and quality of your audio.

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