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Classic and contemporary reverb 

SSL PlateVerb is the first in a range of boutique reverb plug-ins from Solid State Logic, delivering professional sound quality and features in a streamlined ‘FX pedal’ style interface. With a reverb decay time ranging from a subtle 100 milliseconds to a colossal 3 seconds, PlateVerb is perfect for adding everything from natural ambience to cavernous effects to your productions, all with that SSL sound quality.  

Plate reverb is used widely in music production for adding depth, dimension, and ambience to a range of instruments and vocals. PlateVerb precisely emulates the distinct sound of classic plate reverb, combining two bespoke ‘SSL-crafted’ algorithms for Early Reflections and Late Reflections, capturing the sonic, mechanical, and damping properties of a plate reverb. 

PlateVerb delivers the classic plate reverberation sound while incorporating innovative features like Colour Adjustment, Ducking with external side-chain, and Freeze, allowing engineers to dial in a precise sound or producers to experiment with creative reverb FX. Whether it's acoustic or electronic, classic or contemporary, PlateVerb enhances sounds with the warm, lush, and smooth reverb that only a classic plate can provide.


Watch music producer and engineer Joe Carrell processing guitars and vocals using X-Echo, X-Delay and the new PlateVerb Plug-in.

Listen to the SSL PlateVerb plug-in in action

Hear it for yourself - PlateVerb on Drums, Acoustic Guitar and Synth.

Early/Late Reflections Control

Blend early reflections and late tail for versatile sound shaping.

Diffusion Adjustment

Fine-tune the density of late tail reflections.

Decay and Room Size Customization

Tailor the reverb decay time and room size for precise spatial effects.

Damping Controls

Limit decay in low/high frequencies for a cleaner sound.

Colour Adjustment

Modify the harmonic colour to emulate various plate materials.

Ducking with Sidechaining

Apply gain reduction based on incoming level, with internal or external sidechain options.

Advanced Mix Control

All-in-one control lets you effortlessly blend any combination of wet and dry signals.

Freeze and Kill Options

Unique reverb tail manipulation for creative effects.

Feedback from PlateVerb Users

Free trial for 14 days

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SSL PlateVerb Plug-in User Guide