Spring Bundle

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Spring Bundle

Solid State Logic and Harrison Audio come together once more to offer you the Spring Bundle - featuring the SSL DeEss and Harrison Vocal Intensity Processor plug-ins for ONLY $34.99 (USUALLY $209.98)


SSL DeEss is a workflow-oriented correctional tool for precision sibilance reduction and high-frequency control – used to reduce excess sibilance and harsh mid-high frequency build-ups such as the 'ess' and 'shh' sounds in vocal takes.

Alongside workflow enhancements such as automatic auditioning and built-in brighten control for rejuvenating de-essed signals, DeEss uses a relative threshold algorithm: allowing you to change the input level of the signal without a destructive effect on the response of the de-esser. This also means that you can de-ess quiet sibilant events just as effectively as loud ones!

Harrison Vocal Intensity Processor

Whether you are singing, rapping, podcasting, or streaming you need a tool that can quickly make your vocals sound amazing. The Vocal Intensity Processor from Harrison is a powerful plugin that lets you polish your vocals with some of the best features once only found in Harrison’s legacy of analog consoles.

Smooth out the dynamics of your vocal track with an extremely easy to use Vocal Leveler. No more fiddling with complex compressors or gates. Just dial in the amount of leveling you want and let the plugin do the rest.


Use the SSL Download Manager to install and manage your SSL plug-ins. Click on the button below and log into your SSL Account to get started.

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Vocal Intensity Processor (Linux)


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