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SSL Fusion HF Compressor Plug-in

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SSL Fusion HF Compressor


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HF Compressor Plug-in emulates the high frequency smoothing circuit from the critically acclaimed SSL Fusion stereo analogue colouration processor, bringing the much sought after sound of analogue rounding to your DAW.

Tape like roll-off, smooth compression and maximum transparency, HF Compressor Plug-in gives you the ability to tame harsh, brittle high frequencies, creating a smooth and refined top-end on your stems, mixes and masters, quickly and easily.

Use the X-OVER to fine tune the frequencies which HF Compressor effects, dial in the right amount via THRESHOLD and quickly MIX it with the original signal, or use AUTOGAIN to bring the rounded HF signal back to its original level. HF Compressor can soothe any source material without loosing detail or presence. 

Watch Sean Divine guide you through using HF Compressor Plug-in to create a silky top-end on both lead and backing vocals (rapped and sung) and add analogue warmth to an entire mix. 

SSL Fusion HF Compressor Plug-in feat. Sean Divine:

Key Features

  • Apple M1 Native Support: Fusion HF Compressor is a universal binary, and features M1 Native support.
  • Delivers analogue-style HF rounding for taming brittle high-frequencies
  • Modelled using a combination of real-life measurements, analogue circuit designs, and close collaboration with the original designers Fusion hardware
  • Ratio, attack and release optimised for maximum transparency
  • MIX for instant parallel processing 
  • AUTO GAIN introduces an automatic makeup gain to only the compressed frequencies, retaining HF rounding but not loosing level
  • The Gain Reduction History graph and Gain Reduction meter make it easy to visualise the effect of the circuit.
  • Use LISTEN to solo the frequencies that are being compressed and removed from the signal.
  • ECO mode: Reduce latency and CPU-use, for tracking and recording purposes
  • Built on the SSL Plug-in Engine
  • Built-in help Simply click the '?' symbol and mouseover the GUI for more information 
  • Comes with presets from world-class producers and engineers Adrian Hall, Caesar Edmunds and Sean Divine

"Now I can have multiple instances of HF Compressor, it is my go plug-in for adding that analogue top-end to my productions… I love it!" 

Caesar Edmunds - Foals, Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey, The Killers and many more...


SSL Fusion HF Compressor Plug-in User Guide


SSL Native User Guide V6.5



SSL plug-ins can be authorised by machine-based iLok licensing or iLok 2 / iLok 3 USB dongles.

SSL HF Compressor Plug-in FREE TRIAL

For 14 days, you can demo HF Compressor Plug-in for free.

To start a free trial, simply download and install HF Compressor Plug-in in the correct format for your DAW. Upon launching your DAW, click the 'Try' button to activate your free trial. If the Activation Experience pop-up does not appear on launch, simply insert the plug-in on any insert. You will be asked to log into your iLok account, and the trial authorization period will begin.

Happy mixing.