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SSL Fusion Violet EQ Plug-in

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SSL Fusion Violet EQ


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Low-end Weight, High-end Sheen 

The Fusion Violet EQ plug-in is a 2-band minimum phase-shift shelving EQ from the critically acclaimed SSL Fusion stereo analogue colour processor. It is the first new Solid State Logic analogue EQ design in more than 25 years and is now available for you DAW.

Violet EQ draws on SSL’s legacy and deep understanding of production workflow to develop an exceptionally musical sounding EQ with carefully selected frequency points and response curves to offer the perfect balance of tone and control. Whether it’s adding high-end sheen to your masters or sculpting a bass line to fit perfectly in the mix, the simple but effective controls and exceptional sound quality of Violet EQ Plug-in will enhance your productions.   

Above and beyond what is found on Fusion hardware, ‘Fat’ processor has been added to enhance Violet EQ's low frequency control. When the HPF is engaged, ‘Fat’ adds a subtle bump around the filters cut-off frequency, adding low-end punch back into the signal.

Listen to the Fusion Violet EQ plug-in in action 

Hear it for yourself – Made By Pete take you through the Fusion Violet EQ plug-in.

SSL Fusion Violet EQ Emulation 

Models the critically acclaimed SSL Fusion Violet EQ processor, bringing its exceptional sound quality to your DAW.

Musical Sounding EQ 

Carefully selected frequencies and response curves provide an ideal balance of tone and control for a truly musical EQ experience.

Low End Boost 

The added Fat button introduces a subtle low-end boost when the HPF is engaged, delivering extra punch to your audio.

Exceptional DSP Design 

Developed with reference to original analogue circuit designs, real-life measurements, and close collaboration with SSL Fusion hardware's designers.

Eco Mode

Reduce latency and CPU-use, for tracking and recording purposes.

Presets from World-Class Engineers 

Ships with presets from industry professionals Adrian Hall, Sean Divine and Wez Clarke.

Free trial for 14 days

To start a 14-day free trial, simply download and install the Fusion Violet EQ plug-in below.

Upon launching your DAW, click the 'Try' button to activate your free trial. If the Activation Experience pop-up does not appear on launch, simply add the plug-in on any insert. You will be asked to log into your iLok account, and the trial authorization period will begin.


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SSL Fusion Violet EQ Plug-in User Guide