SSL Native Bus Compressor 2

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SSL Bus Compressor 2


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The Sound of the Legendary SSL Stereo Bus Compressor

The centre section compressor from SSL’s 1980’s G Series analogue console is an audio production legend. It is the secret behind countless classic recordings. It is a simple unit with a simple purpose; it makes complete mixes sound bigger, with more power, punch and drive. It brings cohesion and strength to your mix without compromising clarity.

"Sticks your mix like audio glue." - That's how we often hear the SSL Stereo Bus Compressor described, along with - "You strap it across your mix - and it sounds like a record." We could wax lyrical about the technology - but hey, you already know how great this thing sounds - you've heard it on countless hit records from the last three decades. 

Bus Compressor 2 Plug-in boasts a host of enhancements, including new Attack, Release and Compression ratios for added flexibility with individual sounds and subgroups, in addition to inbuilt wet/dry and S/C HPF control, as well as switchable 2x and 4x Oversampling... 

Listen to the SSL Bus Compressor 2 plug-in in action 

Hear it for yourself – SSL Bus Compressor 2 on vocals, mixbus and drums.

Authentic emulation

Engineered by SSL, the SSL Bus Compressor 2 plug-in is an accurate emulation of the legendary G-Series Bus Compressor, featuring the same compression characteristics and sound quality as the original unit.

Variable attack and release 

Quickly adjust the timing of the compressor response using the carefully tailored options, including an automatic release mode that optimises the release based on the content of the signal.

Total control from the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer 

Control up to 8 instances of SSL Bus Compressor 2 from the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer – including hands-on control from the center section of the SSL UC1 hardware controller.

High-pass filter

Remove low-frequency content from the compression sidechain to prevent pumping or breathing on when processing tracks with low-frequency elements like kick or bass.

Mix control

Use the dry/wet mix control to blend the compressed and uncompressed signals for parallel compression and punch.

Make it “sound like a record” 

The SSL Bus Compressor 2 is revered for it’s ability to glue a mix together. Add to your auxes, groups, returns and master buses to add finish to your mix.

Free trial for 14 days

To start a 14-day free trial, simply download and install the Bus Compressor 2 plug-in below.

Upon launching your DAW, click the 'Try' button to activate your free trial. If the Activation Experience pop-up does not appear on launch, simply add the plug-in on any insert. You will be asked to log into your iLok account, and the trial authorization period will begin.


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