SSL Native Vocalstrip 2

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SSL Vocalstrip 2


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Vocals with that SSL sound

Vocalstrip 2 is an application specific plug-in that draws upon decades of SSL professional engineering expertise to combine the right four processing elements to create the simple route to professional vocal recordings.

Combining EQ and dynamics sections with essential vocal processors, Vocalstrip 2 aims to bring power, character and clarity to vocal tracks from a single interface. Vocalstrip 2 solves the challenges of producing great vocal recordings with four processing tools carefully selected and calibrated to deliver great results every time.

Vocalstrip 2 Plug-in Overview

Checkout the features of the Vocalstrip 2 plug-in below:

Listen to the SSL Vocalstrip 2 plug-in in action

Checkout producer and mix engineer Sean Divine using the SSL Vocalstrip 2 plug-in on sung and rapped vocal performances on the video below:

Streamlined Vocal Processing 

The SSL Vocalstrip 2 plug-in combines 4 tailored audio processing modules to create THE essential user-friendly channel strip for vocals, allowing you to create amazing-sounding, record-ready vocals with complete ease.

Dynamic De-esser and De-ploser 

Using comparative analysis and carefully designed envelope detection parameters under the hood, Vocalstrip 2’s versatile de-esser and de-ploser modules make it a breeze to efficiently eliminating harsh sibilance and unpleasant plosives in your vocal recordings.

Precise Tone Shaping Designed for Vocals 

Vocalstrip 2 features a transparent 3-band SSL EQ with versatile controls including high-pass, ‘asymmetric notch’ and air bands, allowing you to shape the vocal’s presence, weight and sparkle.

Ultimate Dynamic Control 

The unique compander module combines both compression and downwards expansion from a singular, easy-to-use interface for smoothing out a vocal performance, helping you to blend the track seamlessly into the mix.

Make Informed Mixing Decision 

Enhance your control and understanding of vocal processing with Vocalstrip 2’s powerful visual feedback, including EQ curves and real-time FFT overlay, gain reduction history graphs for the de-esser and de-ploser, and a detailed and unique visualisation of the compander processor.

Configurable processing order

Not all vocal performances are the same and some require processing in a different order. Vocalstrip 2 offers the ability to reconfigure the order of processing perfectly for your vocal performance.

Free trial for 14 days

To start a 14-day free trial, simply download and install the Vocalstrip 2 plug-in below.

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