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About Studio 404

Studio 404 is a hi-end recording, mixing, production facility located in the center of Vallée de la Loire, France.

Studio 404

Main Room

The Control Room is equipped with SSL AWS 900+SE, Pro Tools HD, Barefoot monitoring and many Comps & EQs.

Equipment List

Console/Control Surface

Main Monitors

Digital Audio Workstations

A/D D/A Converters

Mic Pre's


Hardware Dynamics Processors

Hardware EQ

Hardware Effects



Studio Credits

Artist / Client: New Fury <::> Title / Project: Run <::> Year: 2014

Artist / Client: Twilight Motion <::> Title / Project: The Blind Eye <::> Year: 2015

Artist / Client: How Low? <::> Title / Project: How Low? <::> Year: 2014