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About Far Heath Recording Studios

Far Heath Recording Studios offers one of the best equipped and highly regarded recording spaces in the UK, providing unparalleled service and expertise to both major label and independent artists.

Far Heath Recording Studios

Main Room

At Far Heath you can really get the best out of your sound with the SSL AWS 900 desk. This revolutionary recording console is the only one of its kind occupying a commercial studio in the midlands.

Equipment List

Console/Control Surface

Main Monitors

Mini Monitors

Digital Audio Workstations

A/D D/A Converters

Mic Pre's


Hardware Dynamics Processors

Hardware EQ

Hardware Effects



Studio Credits

Artist / Client: The Prodigy <::> Title / Project: Drum Tracks <::> Year: 2004

Artist / Client: The Fall <::> Title / Project: Album <::> Year: 2007

Artist / Client: Spiritualized <::> Title / Project: Tracks for Album <::> Year: 2009