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About Freaky Studio

Educational studio and project studio for game music, soundtracks, sound effects and occasional album recording

Freaky Studio

Main Room

The room is about 30 sqm with own power supply and Espresso machine

Equipment List

Console/Control Surface

Main Monitors

Mini Monitors

Digital Audio Workstations

A/D D/A Converters

Mic Pre's


Hardware Dynamics Processors

Hardware EQ



Studio Credits

Artist / Client: <::> Title / Project: Hero's adventure <::> Year: 2016

Artist / Client: Fayetography <::> Title / Project: Fifteen minutes of Fayeme <::> Year: 2017

Artist / Client: Goed Bezig! / Herohands / On que - Boogy Nights / promovideo <::> Title / Project: Several titles <::> Year: 2018


Pianolessons Studio engineering DJ lessons Youtube filming and sound recording

Level taught

Bachelor Of Arts (Degree)


Secondary/Tertiary Education

Just for fun

Course type

Part Time

Weekend/Short Course


Audio Engineering

Music Production

Music Business

Broadcast Audio Production

Sound For Picture

Game Audio