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About Pettersens Kolonial Lydstudio

Welcome to a new Norwegian-class recording studio. For more information please visit

Pettersens Kolonial Lydstudio

Main Room

Recording room is approx. 50 m2 and has a hip roof with ceiling heights up to 5 meters at its highest.

Equipment List

Console/Control Surface

Main Monitors

Digital Audio Workstations

A/D D/A Converters

Mic Pre's


Hardware Dynamics Processors

Hardware EQ

Hardware Effects



Studio Credits

Artist / Client: Ketil Bjørnstad - ECM <::> Title / Project: Songs From The Alder Thicket - Vindings Music <::> Year: 2012

Artist / Client: Helge Lien <::> Title / Project: Kattenslager <::> Year: 2012

Artist / Client: Hanne Sørvåg <::> Title / Project: <::> Year: 2012