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About SoundStruck Studios

SoundStruck Studios provides all aspects of audio & music production, audio post-production for radio, TV, film, media, gaming & mobile apps, as well as mastering services.

SoundStruck Studios

Studio A - Live Room and Iso Booths

Main live room/tracking room. It consists of a big space & contains 2 smaller isolation booths. This room contains all our high end instruments including a Yamaha C5 Grand Piano.

Studio Credits

Artist / Client: Ryan Leslie, Wiley, MIMS, Blaze Bayley, MIKA, Ayo.. <::> Title / Project: Music Production <::> Year:

Artist / Client: Sony, Kinder, Oreo, Samsung, HSBC, Subway, Nestle... <::> Title / Project: Audio Post-Production <::> Year: